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At Summit Maternity Care Center, we celebrate family-centered birth. We offer the perfect blend of evidence based healthcare with the gentle art of midwifery, because the way you give birth and are born impacts the world.


We believe that pregnancy and birth care should occur in a space where you feel comfortable and safe. Each appointment will help your caregiver to get to know you and your family, helping you to really understand the process and the choices that you have.


We believe that you and your baby have a right to kind, gentle and loving care from first appointment, to first breath and beyond. We're your guides and your team-mates on one of life's greatest adventures!

You will be cared for by a team of skilled and experienced birth workers, who are dedicated to providing support through the journey of your pregnancy, from your first prenatal visit till your final postpartum appointment.

We are the specialists in normal, physiologic pregnancy and birth. We believe that how you are born, and how you are treated while you are giving birth impacts the world.

Women gravitate to water instinctively, especially during their birth process.
The warm gentle caress of water while a woman is doing the hardest work of her life brings comfort, reduces stress, increases oxytocin and makes labor and birth easier.  Warm water promotes improved blood circulation resulting in better oxygenation for the baby. Babies born in water are born in a peaceful way that encourages bonding between mom and baby immediately.

We can't wait to meet you and your family.

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