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Finances and Insurance


We are considered out of network with all insurance companies.  We are not currently medicaid providers.  Summit Maternity Care Center does not bill insurance. Some health share programs such as medi-share, samaritan health ministries, christian health care ministries cover the majority of midwifery fees for pregnancy, labor, and delivery. These programs require enrollment before pregnancy. We do provide an itemized bill to families upon request who plan to submit to their insurance companies.


Full payment is due by 36 weeks of pregnancy.


We accept many forms of payment including Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, HSA accounts, money orders, apple pay, and cash. 

The Midwifery Fee:

The midwifery fee for birth center is $7,500 and $8,000 for Homebirth which is due by 36 weeks of pregnancy.  A discount of $500 will be applied to your midwifery fee if paid up front on the first visit.

At Summit Maternity Care Center we make a commitment to the provision of personal and individualized care to clients. We believe that this attention to relationship and detail makes a difference to your experience of your care and to our excellent health outcomes. At a time when the costs of providing healthcare are rising, we have had to adjust our course to keep our founding commitments intact. Your midwife fee includes:

  • 24/7/365 Telephone availability of your midwives

  • Longer appointment times and additional prenatal visits as needed

  • Time and attention dedicated to shared decision making and health promotion

  • A second trained person is immediately available in the birth center during each birth. To provide for this and ensure optimal safety for each birth it is our policy to reserve a qualified birth assistant on your behalf. Birth Assistants (BA’s) are trained in both neonatal and adult resuscitation, birth center procedures and are available to assist at your birth whenever it may occur.

  • Support during transfer to the hospital in labor as needed

  • Expanded postpartum care through 6-8 weeks postpartum, including at least one routine home visit

  • Chart review with a physician as needed per Florida state law

You will receive excellent prenatal care that involves:

o   Hour long prenatal visits 

o   Discussion involving nutritionally counseling

o   Discussion involving gestational age and development of your baby

o   Counseling regarding life situations and circumstances

o   Disclosure and information on every test and procedure to help you to make an informed decision

o   Review and explanation of lab and procedural results

o   Prenatal physical that includes:

      -Monitoring your baby's growth

      -Listening to your baby's heart beat

      -Evaluation of your physical health

o   An intimate connection that allows the midwife to evaluate the normalcy of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy without the comparative reflections to any other woman or study. 

o  Availability to the midwife by phone and on call

o  The support and care of a single provider you have made a relationship with throughout the entirety of your labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum

o  Outstanding postpartum care with follow-up from birth to six weeks postpartum

What is not included in your midwifery fee:

o  Birth Supply Fee -$80

o  Your birth bag- Bag that has been prepared with clothing for your and your baby

o  Food- Good healthy food for during and after labor

o  Labs – if you have insurance, we can bill insurance for your labs.  If you do not have insurance, all labs will be billed directly to you

o  Ultrasound – if you have insurance, we can bill insurance for your ultrasounds.  If you do not have insurance, some facilities offer a self-pay discounted price

o  Education Classes - Childbirth Education, Lactation, Parenting, Postpartum, Sibling, Nutrition, etc.

o  Supplements needed throughout pregnancy

o  Postpartum support after 8 weeks postpartum

o  Transfer- Any care involved in a transfer (EMS transport, hospital, etc.) are not included in the midwifery fee and can be covered by insurance.  If you do not have insurance, there are self-pay discounts offered by the services used.

I would love to meet with you and your family to further explore your options

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