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Meet The Team

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Deborah Fuentes

Licensed Midwife

Deborah graduated The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery (MEAC accredited) in January of 2016.  She has served her community as a home birth midwife since May of 2016. In 2008, she graduated nursing school and worked as a nurse prior to midwifery school. She is also a Lactation Counselor and has worked with breastfeeding women in her community since 2010. 


Deborah has worked internationally with Mama Baby Haiti in Cap Haitien and served a family in San Pedro Pinula, Guatemala.  


She has continued her education and is currently a post graduate student with a focus in International Maternal and Fetal Health. 


Deborah is thrilled to be of service to families in her surrounding area.

  • @summitmaternitycare

Genesis Neumann 
Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and Birth Assistant

Genesis is a passionate mama bear of 2 man cubs; one born at a birth center in 2012 starting her breastfeeding journey.  Second baby was born at home in 2015, leading to tandem nursing for a few months. Genesis breastfed her children well into toddlerhood.  This path ignited a fire in her to empower women to breastfeed and support them on their journey.

Genesis finds delight in helping women harness their feminine strength to succeed in motherhood & their breastfeeding goals. Genesis has a multigenerational household, enjoys having adventures with her family, spending time with their 2 cats, homeschooling and random (but sometimes necessary) DIY projects.

  • @stefwarcholphoto
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