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Surviving Pregnancy: Sick and Pregnant

So you have done everything you can to avoid illness, but you still caught the crud. Here is our guide on what to use while pregnant and sick.

During your first four months of pregnancy (until 16 weeks), you should try not to take any medications unless necessary and as prescribed or approved by your care provider. Since any medication is potentially unsafe, always let your Midwife know about anything that you are taking, including alternative remedies such as herbs. You should continue to take essential prescribed medication if you have been taking it prior to becoming pregnant and your care provider and midwife approves of it.

Some medications should not be taken in pregnancy as they could cause harm to your developing baby. The following is a list of medications that you can take if needed.


Try rest, essential oils, chiropractic care, acupuncture, homeopathy relaxation, massage, a warm tub bath, frequent healthy snacks, almonds, increasing water & protein intake before you take any herbs or medication. Rosemary oil can be helpful on your temples or back of neck. DO NOT take Aspirin, Tylenol, or Ibuprofen. If you have frequent or persistent headache, contact your care provider.

Common Cold, Cough, Runny Nose, or Flu

Rest, sleep, and increase your fluids. Try peppermint tea. Use a vaporizer or humidifier. Aromatherapy such as eucalyptus and lemon are great to smell, can add to humidifier. Increase Vitamin C. Echinacea, Garlic, & Astragalus root boost immune function. Elderberry syrup. Robitussin DM, Dimatapp, Vicks Vapor Rub, and Cough drops for cough. Acupuncture is great for colds. Take a bath with epsom salt or sit in a steamy shower with essential oils. A netty pot can be very helpful to relieving sinuses. Do not use anything with pseudoephedrine in it.


Fever can be a necessary way of killing bacteria or viral agents from the body. It is important that a fever is not broken throughout the process of an illness. If a fever is higher than 102 degrees, contact your health care provider. Echinacea is a fine fever herb and does not interfere with the needed elevation of temperature but keeps the fever low enough to prevent complications. You can squeeze a whole lemon into a cup of very hot water, add maple syrup as desired, this will help to rehydrate and increase vitamin C. Rest, sleep, increase fluids, and tepid bathing can be helpful to reduce and manage fever. It can be normal to sweat after a fever breaks. Having a cold or flu does not necessarily cause harm for your baby, however a high fever can be a reason to contact your healthcare provider.


Stay hydrated! Even though it feels like everything is leaving the body, water consumption is the best way to encourage less diarrhea. Activated charcoal can be helpful to bind with any virus or bacteria that should not be in the body and eliminate it. You can try eating the BRAT snack. BRAT stands for eating only Bannanas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. These foods can help smooth the intestine and cause diarrhea to slow or minimize. Taking good healthy probiotic can help.


The stomach bug is horrible. The best way to stop vomiting is to drink as much water as you can. Yes! you are going to throw it back up, and even though it feels like it all came back up, I promise not all of it did. Try and use little lemon and salt to increase hydration. Eat smaller snacks, anything broth based is helpful. Activated charcoal can help. Get up slowly and wait a few minutes before getting up. Peppermint and ginger may be helpful. If have aggressive vomiting more than 24 hours, contact your health care provider.

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