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Surviving Pregnancy - Urinary Tract Infections

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Urinary tract infections in pregnancy can be common for some women. During pregnancy, your provider may screen your urine for bacteria that may lead to a urinary tract infection. For many, urinary tract infections can have no symptoms. Generally, in early pregnancy urinary tract infections don't cause issues. However, later in pregnancy, urinary tract infection may cause your water to break prematurly.

Your provider may recommend a course of antibiotics to treat a urinary tract infection. It is always important to follow the advice of your provider.

There are some natural treatments and prevention that may help treat or prevent urinary tract infections in labor.

Natural Treatment for a Urinary Tract Infection


If you are concerned with the symptoms of a urinary tract infection, please discuss it with your health care provider before beginning any type of natural treatment. This is not medical advice.


The Symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): 

•       Frequent urination 

•       Pain with urination 

•       Pain above the pubic bone

•       Hesitancy with voiding 

•       Discolored or odorous urine



First of all, drink a lot of water. That alone can wash a pending UTI away. In addition, the following can be helpful which you should be able to find at your local health food store: 

  • Eat a whole clove of raw garlic every day (or more). You can do this by mincing it and putting raw on your food, just toughing it down, or by slicing it into small pieces and swallowing them like pills or you can get a garlic supplement. You can also take a garlic supplement capsule (available without garlic flavor). 

  • Vitamin C 500 mg twice a day 

  • D-Mannose pills/powder two or three times a day, or as directed on label — This is best if the infection is from E. Coli or Enterococcus bacteria (the type of infection is known from a urine culture) 

  • Echinacea in amount recommended on bottle 

  • Cornsilk can help relieve pain and burning symptoms 

  • Yarrow and Marshmallow Root are safe to take in pregnancy 

  • Probiotics 

  • Limit sweets, especially juices, Gatorade, etc.

  • Urinate before and after intercourse

  • Remember good hygiene; wipe front to back

  • Thong underwear increase risk of UTI's 


To Maintain Prevention: 

•       Continue drinking 3 - 4 liters of water per day 

•       Take 500 mg vitamin C per day 

•       Limit sweets 

•       Add natural, unsweetened cranberry juice or pills into your diet 

•       Take garlic pills and/or increase raw garlic in your diet

• Start the above herbs and treatments with the first symptom of a UTI 

•       Probiotics 

GBS in the urine

GBS is a bacteria that is commonly found in the lower part of the digestive system (colon, rectum) and the vagina. Approximately one in three to four pregnant women in the United States are carriers of GBS. Women may develop a GBS urinary tract infection. GBS is transient, it moves, and at times can ascend into the bladder. If a UTI is found to be resulting from GBS, your provider may or may not perscribe antibiotics based on how many bacteria are found in your urine. With GBS found in the urine, a woman would be considered positive for antibiotics and the healthcare provider will offer antibiotics in labor.

To learn more about GBS, Click here.

Remember your provider may recommend a course of antibiotics to treat a urinary tract infection. It is always important to follow the advice of your provider.

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