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Summit Maternity Care Center

The decision to become pregnant is an important one for any woman.  The importance of health prior to pregnancy has become increasingly recognized.  Addressing health issues prior to conception assures optimal outcomes for mother and baby.  Your midwife will help you understand any health conditions or risk factors that could affect you or your baby from the moment of conception.

We believe that a mother and their child are wonderfully and fearfullly made. Each family should be supported and revered.

Pre-Conception Visit

Some topics that may be discussed at your visit include:

  • Determining if you have any health problems that could impact your pregnancy.

  • Review your family medical history to see what, if any, diseases or genetic risk factors may be present

  • Reviewing prescription medications to see if they are safe in pregnancy which can help prevent serious birth defects, your past pregnancies and any complications that we can prevent going forward like miscarriages or pre-eclampsia

  • Exercise and nutrition to help with reaching your ideal body weight before you become pregnant


Reasons to Consider Pre-Conception


Ideally, it is best to see your midwife before you get pregnancy for a preconception visit.


Speak with your midwife about ways to increase your nutrition, discuss exercise, and start supplements that will ensure you begin your pregnancy in pristine health.  Your partner can also take steps to ensure that he is healthy prior to conception.

Pre-Conception can help reduce:

  • Risk of pre-term labor​

  • Risk of neural tube defects

  • Risk of diabetes

  • Risk of high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia

  • Risk of miscarriage

  • Risk of surgical birth (c-section)

  • Risk of maternal obesity


Your pre-conception appointments will occur every three months until pregnancy is established.  Labs are offered in office.  Ultrasounds are referred out to local radiology offices. 

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