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Why Is Our Care So Different

There are many differences in care model between Midwives and typical Obstetrical care. Below we explore what makes our care so different

Typical Obstetrical

Care with a Midwife

Prenatal Visits

The national average a mother has with her provider in a typical obstetrical care model is 6-10 minutes face to face. The healthier your pregnancy, the quicker your prenatal appointment will be.  Health care providers may have limited time for questions,  support and guidance.

Hospital Delivery

With typical obstetrical care there is only one option, hospital birth. Doctors specialize in surgery and are trained to intervene, even when the process is normal. Your options may be limited to hospital policy and procedure. 

Minimal in labor

Almost all providers leave the majority of labor care to the nurse attending mom. The provider will return to check in on progress and when a baby's head appears to prepare for delivery.

Prenatal care

Prenatal appointments generally range between 30-60 min. At Summit Maternity Care Center, we are invested in getting to know you, your family, and your baby. Our appointments range from 45-60min. We value holistic care, and have a focus on education, mental health, exercise, and nutrition.

Many Options

There are many options to give birth.  We are the specialist in normal pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. We provide care and support out of hospital, be it home or birth center. We also help support and educate women who are planning a hospital birth.

Full support in Labor

Your midwife will be with you during your labor, she will be with you in the room as needed. We do require the use of a doula for every first time vaginal birth. Your team is there to support you the entire labor.

There are so many differences, it is hard to list all of them.
Come join us for our Open House to hear more!

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